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Just go to the internet and search for Corbin Bleu on Regis and Kelly  "Jump In"  ( Our group was involved in on screen appearances, and as body doubles for the Disney production of the movie "Jump In' starring Corbin Bleu)

         Our choreographer, Stephone Webb, is known as  "The Double Dutch Master"  He has been involved in the choreography for the Xbox 360 commercial that also featured our double dutch group. He has also, just recently, completed doing choreography for the jump rope routine used in Madonna's new tour. Both these events can also be seen on the internet by searching for them using 'jump rope" as part of the search.Our group has performed around the NBA doing half time performances at major sites, including Madison Square Garden. We are award winning performers, and pride ourselves at being known as one of the best performing double dutch groups in the world.
Our double dutch routines, done between two twirling ropes, have amazed many. wherever we have gone.

          We have traveled  the globe to spread the joy of our sport. Sites include; Europe, Japan, South Africa, South America, the West Indies, and Canada. The group has performed in ,The UniverSoul Circus. They have been featured in many commercials, documentaries, and newspaper articles. 

If you're looking for the best--Here We Are.    (914) 954-7895     (914) 648-8596
                 We are located in Brooklyn New York



Go to  "  "    or google us  at   jumpers in command  to see some of our performances
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